Sami Drum is filled with ancient mystic of a Shaman who with help of drumming travelled to the other side to ask advice and help from his forefathers. The symbols on the hide were important for Shamans reflecting places of worship or The Tree of Life.
Our Sami Drums give life to that same ancient mystique with their deep sound and vibrations. The sound of the drum guides the listener deep into the body and mind helping you to relax and meditate. Hand-drawn symbols may communicate their own message to you. The drum is suitable for playing and creating that magical Lapland atmosphere to your home.
Our Sami drums comes with two different sizes:
Sami drum M, diameter: 45×37.
Sami drum XL is 60x44x10 cm.
Rumpu-ukko’s drums are handcrafted in Finland. Frame is made from 7mm birch plywood which has been treated with wood wax. The hide is Finnish undyed reindeer skin with hand-drawn shamanic symbols.
A felted drumstick is included. Instructions for how to take care of the drum and how to christen it are also included.
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