What is a shaman drum?

Shaman drum is a musical instrument which was possible originally called a frame drum.  Usually the name of the drum comes from the people using it, the culture it is used in or how it is used for.

Drums have played a big part in people´s lives all around the world. The booming of a drum has been heard from Inca temples to the shores of Japan; from the camps of native American Indians to the fields of Ireland to the Shaman huts in Finland.

Each culture had an individual style for their shaman drum but the common thing for all was that they were mostly used for ceremonial purposes, like the Sami drum in Lapland.


Health benefits of shaman drum

Nowadays, a shaman drum is mainly used for meditation, relaxation and as an additional tool in energy healing sessions. The sound of a drum resonates with deep levels of your body with a relaxing and calming effect. In a study made in 2014, a group of people was asked to play drums for 40 minutes. Their blood pressure, blood lactate levels, stress and anxiety levels and their pulse were examined before and after the test. After 40 minutes of playing, the stress and anxiety levels were lower in all of the participants and systolic blood pressure was decreased in older people. (source: Smith, Carine & Viljoen, Jeandré & McGeachie, Lauren,”African drumming”. Journal of cardiovascular medicine, (Hagerstown, Md.))

So, playing a drum decreases your stress and anxiety levels. No wonder, so many people find after playing a drum for sometime that it has become an instrumental part of your life and you just keep on playing.

In addition, playing a drum might help you when you feel angry or depressed. Include some dance moves and after 15 minutes you may feel totally different!