What the shaman drum actually is?

Shaman drum is an instrument which original name may possibly be a frame drum. Name of the drum comes usually either from the people using it, culture or a way of use.

Drums have been big part of people’s way of life all around the world. The sound of the drum has been heard from Inca temples, shores of Japan, villages of the native American Indians, plains of Ireland and Shamans of Lapland.


Health benefits of shaman drum

The drum resonates with deep levels of your body relaxing you throughout. Study made in 2014 studied group of people playing drums for 40 minutes. Their blood pressure, blood lactate levels, stress and anxiety levels and their pulse were examined before and after the test. After the study, stress and anxiety levels were lower with all of the participants and systolic blood pressure decreased with older people. (source: Smith, Carine & Viljoen, Jeandré & McGeachie, Lauren,”African drumming”. Journal of cardiovascular medicine, (Hagerstown, Md.))

So, as we read playing the drum decreases your stress and anxiety levels. That’s why it’s not weird that many people find the drum become beloved item played a lot.

Playing the drum may help you also when you feel angry or depressed. Bring dancing along and after 15 minutes you may feel totally different person.