Shaman drum L. For musicians and people with true interest in playing the L-sized drum creates a magical, meditative mood. You will feel the deep, long reaching, darker sound with every cell. It helps you to be more present so you can say goodbye to stress and hurry. Drum of this size work well in big events where you want to reach a larger group of listeners.

The drums are unique Finnish handcraft. The frame is made from 7 mm birch plywood which has been treated with wood wax.

The hide is Finnish reindeer which is left natural or coloured with water stain. Every drum is uniquely coloured. The drum is easy to hold due its wood handles.

Oval drum, size: 62x45x12 cm, weight 1 kg

Round drum, diameter: 50-54 cm, frame height 10-12 cm, weight 1 kg

A felted drumstick is included. Instructions for how to take care of the drum and how to christen it are also included.

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Shaman Drum Vaadin

325.00  sis. alv

Shaman drum L will create a meditative atmosphere with its deep sound. It’s sound will soothe your mind and relax your tense muscles. Shaman drum L is a versatile instrument that can be used for playing, meditation, decoration and treatments or even playing with orchestra. Rumpu-ukko’s shaman drums are made from Finnish reindeer hide and birch plywood.

Felted drumstick is included.
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