Unique, Hand-made Shaman Drums from Lapland

Our original drums are made with love and care in our workshop.

Our workshop is based in a little village in Savukoski in the Finnish Lapland.  The beautiful landscape and changing seasons have inspired us to create these unique and magical drums with amazing sounds.

Each drum is hand-made in our workshop. We use birch plywood for the frames and the hide is made of Finnish reindeer leather. We aim at being ecological and organic and using natural resources around us as much as possible.

You can use the drums for different purposes from playing music to healing to mediatition and anything in between. We believe that there is unique drum for everyone, so maybe yours is waiting for you in our shop already.

Thank you for visiting us and we would love to hear of your experience with our drums!

The Artisan behind the Drums

The director of Rumpu-ukko and the creator of these special drums is Sari Autere.

I became a craftswoman by accident – or maybe there are no accidents, this was my calling.  None of my family was an artisan, musician or shaman but somehow I was drawn to shaman drums. My first experience with the drums was in a spiritual gathering  some 20 years ago, and I felt the empowering, healing and relaxing impact the sound had on me and I wanted to experience it again.

So, I made my first drum and noticed how much I liked the creative process of it. As my skills developed,  and the selection of drums was growing, more and more people from every walk of life came to me to buy a drum. I wanted to serve these people and started a company calling it Rumpu-ukko (a Drum man in English).

Everytime I create a drum,  I am excited to see what kind of drum is being born; what kind of soul and sound does it have, and who will it go to. Like a proud mother, I will send it to a new owner hoping that it will bring as much joy, insight and happiness as the drum has brought to me.

Rumpuakka Sari Autere

Sari Autere

Business owner & drum maker