Our custom-made drum is your dream drum! You can choose the size, colour and shape. It will be excuisite, original and unique – just like you!
You could also choose a hand-painted spirit animal to empower your drum or some other meaningful image on the drumhead. The frame and drumstick can also be customized with feathers, pearls, talismans or other obejcts of your liking.
The drumhead made of reindeer skin is organic and thus “alive”, it has its own will. Therefore, we can´t guarantee that the images and colours will be excatly the same as discussed.  Howerver, we will do our best, and after hand-crafted over 1000 drums, the end result will be pretty close to your wishes.
If you are interested about your own custom drum send us an email: info(at)rumpu-ukko.fi
Prices are 15-30% higher compared to the drums on the website. Delivery from couple of days to couple of months.

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