Custom drum is made just for you. You can choose the size, colour and shape. This is your dream drum!
If you want a special empowerment drum, we can paint for example your spirit animal or some another meaningful picture on the hide. The frame and drumstick can also be customized. You can for example draw your dream drum on a paper.
Because the reindeer hide and the drum are “alive” they have their own will. That’s why we can’t promise 100% certainty that all paintings or colours can be done but we however will try our best to make your wishes come true. After almost 700 drums we promise to get at least close to your dream drum.
If you are interested about your own custom drum send us an email: info(at)
Prices are 15-30% higher compared to the drums on the website. Delivery from couple of days to couple of months.
Custom drum – made for you.

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Custom Drum Susi

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