Tuning and using shaman drums

Best ways to tune a shaman drum

In this video, we show you what to do if your drum is too tight or loose. Please note the video is in Finnish.

What happens to a shaman drum when left outside

We tested the impact of temperature and humidity on a shaman drum when left outside. (In Finnish)

Different ways of using shaman drums

We explore the different purposes for which a shaman drum could be used. (In Finnish)

Make a shaman drum or buy it?

To buy or to make it yourself - that is the question. We discuss this from a drum maker´s point of view. (In Finnish)

The sound of shaman drums

Play it like a shaman!

Learn how to play your shaman drum in this video.

Enjoy shaman drumming

Our take on the traditional shaman drumming.

Enjoy drumming part II

Our take on the traditional shaman drumming.

Drumming for Mother Earth

We strengthen our connection to nature by sending love and gratitude to Mother Earth with this drumming.

African rhythms

Shaman drum can be played in many enjoyable ways.

Festival fun!

Our shaman drum is singing at the Turku Medieval festival in 2018.