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In addition, we sell here products that through minor fault of manufacture are sold for a reduced rate.

All our products are created with care but sometimes it happens (even after 1000 drums) that the quality is not top notch (e.g. the colour is not exactly as wanted or there might be a tiny fault on the drumhead). Instead of discarding these drums, hand-made with love, we would like to find a new home for them. If there is a fault, it is mentioned in the description.

Please note that there is no refund on these products.

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Shaman Drum Neito 918

295,00  sis. alv
A beautiful and unique shaman drum that was handcrafted with love and care in our workshop in Finnish Lapland. It has a magical, deep sound with powerful vibrations. This is a really big drum that is perfect for musicians and “serious” playing. It is also great for healing sessions or if you need to reach a large group of people as the sound will get you easily to a meditative state. Please note that the drum is quite heavy, so in longer sessions it might start to feel heavy to carry but you can get a good grip of the wooden handle to support you. Being environmentally friendly and ethical, we source our materials locally from known and responsible suppliers. The frame is made of double-layered birch plywood which has been waxed with wood wax. The drumhead is Finnish reindeer skin that is either dyed with water colour stain or left natural. There is a wooden handle attached behind the drum. A felted drumstick and instructions for caring for the drum are included in the package. Size: 50-54 cm, frame height 10-12 cm, weight 1 kg (round) / 62x45x12 cm, weight 1 kg.
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