Natural magic: Make your wishes come true with a tree spell

Natural magic is simple and straightforward “magic” that can be performed by anyone. This kind of natural magic is based on the fact that both the earth itself and you and I are already magical sources of power, without any other complications.

First, it is important to talk to the trees with which you practice nature magic. Describe to the tree in detail what your need is, where the need arose and how urgent the matter is. A tree is a living thing, even though it communicates on subtler levels of consciousness.

Make a tree spell like this:

  1. Equip yourself with paper, a large leaf, a stick with a charred end, a string made of natural fiber and a coin.
  2. Find a suitable tree (Use your intuition!)
  3. Sit under a tree and write or draw a symbol describing your need with the charred end of a stick on the paper you have with you.
  4. Get up, walk nine times around the tree in a clockwise direction, saying and repeating the following (or similar) words: “O ancient earth, older than time, give me your power, to strengthen this magic”
  5. Then tie the leaf either around the tree trunk or branch with a string as tightly as possible.
  6.  After that, bury the coin you brought with you in the ground at the foot of the tree, thank the tree for the help you received and leave the tree to do its job.

If the leaf is gone the next time you go to the tree, don’t worry. The tree has already started making your wish come true.

Source: Scott Cunningham: Earth, Air, Fire & Water: More Techniques of Natural Magic

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