Five tips from contemporary artists on shamanic journeying

Art could offer a great toolkit for shamanic journeying and many shamans today use it to meditate deeper. Check out these five contemporary artists whose inspiring shamanic art might help you embark on your spiritual journey and strengthen your nature connection

Vasil Woodland

Vasil is a profound Ukrainian painter. In his oil paintings, cute and soothing nature motifs are repeated, but they are not just mere depictions of nature. There is usually a philosophical idea behind with many layers which are not immediately obvious to the viewer.

A good example is a painting depicting two ants and a drop of water. The name of the painting is “Life-giving drop of water”.

This is how Vasil comments on another painting, where a fox and her cubs are hiding from thunder in their den: “Creating a picture is a complex creative process that requires the artist to maximize his mental resources. When I paint, I live inside the painting. I am the fox in his den, and I am the lightning in the sky. I am the rumble of thunder, and I am the fearful little fox. I am a deer that gets wet in the pouring rain. I am the ant that hid in the fox’s hole. I am a mother fox who loves and warms her cubs”.

Vasili’s Facebook page

Faith Nolton

Flowers, trees, bees, dragonflies, birds… delicate nature themes appear on Faith Nolton’s paintings time and time again. Faith is a London-born painter, illustrator, writer and “gardener of the soul”.

Faith’s art is worth exploring especially if you are looking for calming elements in your life. In her paintings, the blue colour is strongly present.

Faith has also written the books “Easy to use shamanism” and “Gardens of the soul”. The books explain her outlook on life and reveal deeper dimensions of her artworks.

Faith’s homepage

Rene Escudero

Peruvian Rene Escuedro offers real colour explosions in the form of paintings. Dreamlike, even psychedelic patterns and exotic themes are repeated in his fascinating works.

Rene draws inspiration from, among other things, the drink ayahuasca of which there are often references in his art.

In addition, Rene carves wooden objects whch are mainly used in natural medicine. They are decorated with the same jungle themes as the paintings.

Rene’s Facebook page

Imelda Almqvist

Imelda Almqvist is a teacher of shamanism and religious arts, and a talented artist. She draws inspiration for her paintings from “other worlds”, which is clearly visible in them.

The Dutch-born Imelda often depicts northern themes like polar bears, Inuit, snow, foxes, deer…and she works a lot with children, so the their world is also present in her works.

The use of colours is abundant, the shapes are simple and the subject matters are most imaginative. Her art makes you smile!

Imelda’s homepage

Anastasiya Dobrovolskaya

Photographer Anastasiya Dobrovolskaya portrays the connection between man, animals and nature in an imaginative manner. Her shots show various wild and domestic animals, and women in the middle of nature.

All the elements in the picture blend together perfectly, both in terms of atmosphere and colour – the arrangements are inventive and harmonious. They are like a real life storybook!

However, the photographs also have an opinionated side. Many of the women portrayed might not fit traditional beauty ideals, but still make the viewer gasp with sheer admiration. Anastasiya’s shots are a dazzling reminder that we are all uniquely beautiful.

Anastasiya’s Facebook page

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