A review on the Siberian drum “Spirit music” by Eagle Shaman drum – Not what I expected…




I saw on Facebook an ad on this great Siberian drum. The ad promoted the drum, created by a beautiful Siberian artisan: ”A fantastic, hand-made Siberian drum with a picture of an Eagle”, i.e. Eagle Shaman drum Siberian drum Spirit music. The price was also incredibly cheap and according to other happy customers, the quality was top notch. So, I decided to buy it…

Curiosity killed the cat, but it did not kill me, only made me lose some euros.  I am not easily influenced by ads, but I was curious to see whether the drum was as wonderful as the ad and pictures suggested. (I must admit that I was a bit worried that if this great drum maker will come and conquer the Finnish market with her unique drums, what will happen to the rest of us…?).

You can see in the picture below what kind of drum finally came after waiting for 2,5 months. It looks fantastic and exactly like in the ad, right?

Also, when I opened the package, lo and behold, I found out that the creator of the drum was not a Siberian artisan, but according to a sticker inside the drum, it was “Made in China”. Now, the cheap price made sense. Then I took a closer look at the “hand-made” Siberian drum for which I also paid a hefty duty fee.  Was it a proper Siberian drum?

Duh, no. The size is 20 cm. The frame is made of plywood on which the plastic drumhead with the printed picture of eagle is clued. The handle and drumstick are also a bit different than in the ad. The sound is quite deep but not as good as in a proper hand-made drum.  This one sounded more like a tambourine.

Shipping took a long time as mentioned before. The company kindly and promptly replied to my inquiries regarding the delivery on email. Though, nobody has replied to me now when I wanted to return the drum and get a refund. The total price for this ”Unique, hand-made Siberian drum” was 60€. So, it was not too bad but it was not what I wanted or expected.

If you are interested in these drums, you can have a look at their catalogue; https://reveriebuy.com/collections/shamanic-drums.

I can also sell mine but not cheaply – I can use it to light the fire this winter. 😊