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Viking Drum Valknut 1283

250,00  sis. alv
The Viking drum Valknut is lookig for its it you? The drum has a low sound that resonates deep in the player´s body. It brings with it the Nine Noble Virtues of the Vikings: Courage, truth, honour, fidelity, discipline, hospitality, self-reliance, industriousness and perseverance. The mystical symbol of Valknut is made of three interlocked triangles that create nine corners. They signify the nine worlds depiced in the Scandinavian mythology. The tree triangles represent a trinity of heaven, earth and hell. Scholars have proposed a variety of explanations for the symbol, sometimes associating it with the god Odin or religious practices surrounding death. Some say that the Vikings wore the symbol for protection. (The source: Wikipedia) Being environmentally friendly and ethical, we source our materials locally from known and responsible suppliers. The frame is made of 7 mm double layered birch plywood which has been treated with wood wax. The drumhead is made of Finnish reindeer skin and the symbols have been added using silk printing. A wooden handle is attached to the back with strings. A felted drumstick and instructions for caring for the drum are included. The viking drum is round-shaped, Ø 41 cm, weight is 0,700g.
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