Stress, depression, burnout? Seek help from your power animal

Wolf power animal

A power animal – what is it? The concept might be strange to many of us.At school, we don’t learn what a power animal is, because western society treats them mostly as a nonsense. However, a power animal could be described as some kind of spiritual guide that takes the form of an animal in a person’s mind. Read how to connect with your own power animal.

Power animals are an underrated source of spiritual power. Many of us could find help for mental and spiritual challenges through our own power animal because its task is to guide us through this spiritual journey called life. If you are experiencing stress, depression or anxiety, for example, you could try whether the senses of your power animal would lead you to mental peace.

A power animal can be a representative of any animal species – for example, an owl, a monkey or a spider. It has characteristics and wisdom typical of its species.

So what’s the use of a power animal? It lends its power to an individual to help him with something that is acutely on his mind. This can be a stressful job, the end of a relationship, an illness, the death of a loved one, or a long and dark winter among other thins. On the other hand, it can be just about growing up.

There is a good chance that you now experienced an aha experience – “a power animal could help me too!” Each of us has a lot of emotional burden on our shoulders, some of which may even manifest as chronic physical and psychological symptoms in our everyday life. If you open your mind, a power animal can very well leap to help you to take a load off your mind.

Power animals and shamanism

You don’t have to be a shaman or shamanist to draw power from a power animal. However, the origin of the concept is in shamanism, which includes a belief in the existence of a spirit world alongside the visible world.

In general, practitioners of shamanism also acknowledge the existence of power animals. Shamanism exists in different forms in different parts of the world, from the jungles of Peru to African countries and the fells of Lapland. Almost all cultures that can be considered shamanistic rely on the help of power animals in one way or another, regardless of where they are in the world.

In shamanism, the shaman, i.e. a kind of expert in the spirit world, plays a central role. The power animal also helps the shaman to carry out the task of the spirit world, for example, healing an illness or finding out the cause of a problem.

Each of us has our own power animal

We all face mental challenges in our lives, but fortunately, no one is alone with them. A power animal is not the exclusive right of a shaman, we all have one (or more). If you haven’t heard ofthem or believed in their existence before, you can still connect with your own spiritual animal guide.

If you want to find your spiritual animal, you must first ask yourself “what is my power animal?” This helps you take a careful step towards the spirit world and invite the power animal to you.

However, it does not always answer to your call immediately. For some, it is clear from childhood what their spiritual animal is, but for others, finding it can take years.

In any case, it’s not worth giving up, because at some point you will find a loyal power animal to walk by your side. Most often, this guide appears in a dream or in connection with a meditation practice. Remember that your power animal can also change throughout life. From your guide, you get the strength to solve the crisis at hand right now, but when the problems change, the power animal may also change its form.

Let the power animal guide you on the path to spiritual balance

Mental imbalance and mood problems are very common in the modern world. The GP usually prescribe medicine or a referral to a psychologist or psychiatrist. However, without judging the solutions of modern medicine, the help brought by a power animal should not be underestimated.

The next time you have work stress, the coming winter depresses you or the busy life tests your nerves, look around you with the eyes of your soul. Perhaps you will see a crow, on whose back you rise above the mass of darkly billowing clouds? Or maybe there is a bear standing next to you, whose calm presence brings a sense of security in an otherwise stressful situation? An image of a monkey devouring fruit can bring help, for example, to a sugar addiction.

How can I connect with a power animal?

Sometimes the power animal also shows itself on the side of the physical world. If your animal is a hawk, just seeing a hawk sitting on the beak of a lamp post can give you strength to overcome some unpleasant situation. You can also try carrying an object with a picture of a power animal with you. Or maybe get a tattoo that reminds you of it always and everywhere.

The more you trust the power animal, the more it will help you. Listen to what your animal guide is trying to tell you. You could mirror its message to the puzzle going on in your mind, and receive the animal’s powers to solve it.

You should give the power animal a chance at least when you have tried everything else. You have nothing to lose, so why not let the power animal lead you to a good and balanced life?

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