Find balance with the colour green

Camping in nature, taking care of the garden, hanging out in the forest…green is everywhere. Green is said to be a therapeutic color; it soothes, relaxes and refreshes.

The colour green charges us with energy. The best way to get more colour of green in your life is to spend time in the bosom of nature.

Green is said to be the colour of the heart. It is also the color of love and friendship, balancing the give and take in relationships. A lack of green can be reflected in interpersonal problems or problems in the chest area, but in too large a dosage, it makes a person forget himself and serve others at his own expense.

Green is a popular colour for treatments. It is believed to help with insomnia, pain, worry, and indigestion. In addition, it may be used to treat ulcers, blood pressure and heart problems. Since green is a calming and refreshing color, it also helps with mental fatigue. In ancient Egypt, it was believed to soothe the eyes.

The colour green can be enhanced, for example, by eating more green vegetables, walking in nature or simply by adding green decoration elements to the home. This way you can bring more clarity, good feeling, and harmony into your own life.

The original article in Finnish was written by Krista Karhunen, published on

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