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The Sami Drum is filled with ancient mystic of a Shaman who asked advice and help from his forefathers. The symbols on the hide were important for Shamans picturing places of worship or The Tree of Life.

Sami drum M is a great all-around drum for beginners and experienced drummers alike. It’s dark and far reaching sound can be felt in the gut while guiding the ones listening to a relaxing state. It can be used for playing, treatments and when they’re not in use our beautiful drums work well as decorative elements.

The Sami drums are unique Finnish handcraft. The Sami drum is made of waxed 7mm birch ply wood. The hide is Finnish reindeer.

A drum stick is included.

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The hide is genuine reindeer skin which should be oiled one to three times a year, depending on the usage. The skin is greased with a bees wax -based skin care product all around.

The Sami drums have been greased by us before shipment.

The Sami drum “lives” with the humidity, making the skin loosen up a bit when it’s moister and tighten up when the air is drier. Humidity affects the pitch of the drum. If the skin on your shaman drum is too loose, you can dry it carefully in the sun or with a hair dryer. If the skin is too tight, loosen it by wiping with a damp cloth or by spraying some water on it. The skin doesn’t react immediately to tuning so give it few minutes to adjust.

Don’t ever leave Sami drum to extremities, such as a hot car or freezing cold as that might rupture the skin.

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