Sami Drum 18444

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XL-sized (60x44cm) Sami Drum.

Unique Finnish handcraft. The frame is bent from waxed 7mm Finnish birch ply wood. The hide is Finnish reindeer with ancient Sami Drum symbols.

A felt -tipped drumstick is included.

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The hide is genuine reindeer skin which should be oiled one to three times a year, depending on the usage. The skin is greased with a bees wax -based skin care product all around.

The drums have been greased by us before shipment.

The drum “lives” with the humidity, making the skin loosen up a bit when it’s moister and tighten up when the air is drier. Humidity affects the pitch of the drum. If the skin on your drum is too loose, you can dry it carefully in the sun or with a hair dryer. If the skin is too tight, loosen it by wiping with a damp cloth or by spraying some water on it. The skin doesn’t react immediately to tuning so give it few minutes to adjust.

Don’t ever leave Sami Drum to extremities, such as a hot car or freezing cold as that might rupture the skin.

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Dimensions 60 × 44 × 10 cm