Power Animal is a mystical creature, an animal spirit that guides and protects you and shares it’s power and wisdom with you. You’ll find your Power Animal in your sleep, while meditating or it can be an animal to whom you’ve felt strong attachment from ever since you were a child. Your life can contain many Power Animals but maybe there is one special animal that travels with you from cradle to grave.
Our Power Animal drums remind you about these wise animal friends of ours. Playing these drums helps you relax and reach a meditative state in which you are closer to your Power Animal. You’ll find bears, wolves, elks, eagles, owls and other animals from Finnish wildlife.
Which one of our Power Animals calls you?
Drums are unique Finnish handcraft, made out of 7mm waxed birch plywood. The skin is Finnish undyed reindeer hide with hand painted Power Animals. Diameter 30-40cm. Weight 0,5-0,7 kg
A drumstick is included.

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Power animal Eagle Owl

290.00  sis. alv 24%
Our power animal drum eagle-owl is calling you! Like an owl, eagle-owl knows things that others can not see. If eagle-owl is your power animal, this drum will bring an extra kick to your life by soothing your mind and relaxing your tense muscles. Shaman drum is a versatile instrument which can be used for meditation, playing, decoration or treatments. Rumpu-ukko’s drums have been made from Finnish reindeer hide and birch plywood. The eagle-owl is made with acrylic paints by artist Laura Pulli. Felted drumstick is included.
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Special Drum Horse

290.00  sis. alv 24%
Our unique special edition drums caress your senses in many levels. The Sami Drum is filled with ancient mystic of a Shaman who asked advice and help from his forefathers. The symbols on the hide were important for Shamans picturing places of worship or The Tree of Life. Our Sami Drums give life to that same ancient mystique with their deep sound and vibrations. The sound of the drum guides the listener deep into the body and mind helping him/her to relax and meditate. Hand-drawn power symbols communicate their own message to you. The drum is suitable for playing and giving that magical Lapland atmosphere to your home. Handpainted, unique animal and nature illustrations tell the story of Finnish nature and are a perfect fit to your homes decoration. Though pretty, they sure are made for playing. The low sound of the Shaman’s drum guides you deep into a meditative state, helping you to relax and calm down. Finnish handcraft. Frame out of 7mm waxed Finnish birch ply wood. The hide is Finnish undyed reindeer skin. Drums come in different sizes and shapes. A drumstick is included.
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